Christopher Yockey
weathervane Christopher Yockey steel, paint
She Loves It
steel, paint
120" x 100" x 44"

WEATHERVANE opens its spring season with a dynamic installation by Christopher Yockey titled She Loves It.    A reception for the artist will be held from 6-8 PM on Thursday, March 24th.  WEATHERVANE is located at 76 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

She Loves It, 2003/2016, is a collection of steel objects cut from sheet that are based on digital illustrations. The graphic designer Edward Fella created these illustrations through a commercial font structure.  Yockey states, “My curiosity with these illustrations was to investigate how their appearance would change when transformed into three-dimensional forms. I choose his simplistic illustrations for my use from his font group, because they inspired me to make sculptures with dynamic bends and twists. The process of hand (plasma torch) cutting steel was also more direct.”  Defying gravity and understanding weight displacement are elements of exploration for Yockey.  She loves it, 2003/2016, is in its new configuration to fit the window of Weathervane Gallery.



weathervane Christopher Yockey

Artist's statement

Christopher Yockey

My interest in making art focuses on the perception and interaction of motion and form. Being raised in metropolitan Detroit, my inspiration is from the automotive culture along with my participation as an ice hockey athlete.  Using industrial materials to create my art, I am interested in the effects of an evolving industrialized world on our process as makers, from technology to craftsmanship.  Automation has replaced the hands of an assembly line worker with precision, and consistency. What does it mean to be a builder today, and has technology enhance our craft or stripped away the character?